HTTP Post Upload Maximum File Size on shared?


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I run the simple file hosting script "mini file host" from

On my old host the script was working fine for Uploads up to 500 MB.

On hawk host i want to use the script "only" for files up to 100MB.

I set the following parameters in .htaccess:

php_value post_max_size "999M"

php_value upload_max_filesize "999M"

php_value max_execution_time "9999"

php_value max_input time "9999"

So there should be uploads possible until 999 MB (theoretically)

The script at:

allows only uploads under 50MB.

I would need about 100MB (not often but sporadic).

I saw that php.ini does not work (because litespeed does not read php.ini), but it should work to specify this parameters in .htaccess?

I know http post is not the best for uploading big files... but mostly the files are about 30 MB and only sometimes they are greater...

Many thanks


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