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I am almost finished recreating my old site (in my Copious Free TimeTM), with significant coding and formatting improvements, on Hawkhost - it gave me great pleasure to ignore the "we are closing your account, are you SURE you don't want to stay with us?" emails from my old host after they screwed up everything so badly and were so rude before.

Through this process, I have had no problems at all logging in and uploading or downloading, using CPanel, using Filezilla FTP, using webmail or Mail2Web, it's all been good.

I have also been impressed with the policy of keeping us informed about downtime, problems, and upgrades, after having gotten the run-around so many times from so many different webhosts across the country! This is a really confidence-inspiring level of transparency (and I must say I haven't noticed any hiccups on Jupiter at all, myself.)

Finally, yesterday I posted a link to a fairly-large graphic hosted on my site on a couple of well-frequented forums and the link was mirrored a couple other places.

The resulting spike in traffic didn't even make a dent in my bandwidth - in the past, before linking to a file on a big forum I'd have had to do algebra to figure out if I needed to shuffle files to FTP to be safe and avoid bringing down my own site!

So I am very happy, I am happy to recommend HawkHost, very grateful to the users on Webhostingtalk who recommended Hawkhost, and proud to have a link on my homepage to you guys.

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