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Hello all.



I use to resell hosting for HH, but times are tough these days and I decided to quit reselling hosting. I now do web development. I used hawkhost for about a year, and I perfer them over my current host. (I'm thinking about switching back) Support was prompt and excellent. I rate them 11/10. I wish the best of luck to HH and all their clients.

I would like to give a special thanks to Cody, and Tony, for helping me along the way. I wouldn't be as far as I am if it wasn't for their help. Thank you guys.

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I won't say who, but it starts with an H and ends with a Y...as in "Why did we ever believe the hype?" :confused:

It was for work, and I was told to set up our account with them b/c they were a big name outfit - nobody ASKED me who we should go with (why would they, i'm just the lowly site designer) ...let's just say that this outfit only did half the setup - & we can't do the rest, since they don't have CPanel but some horrible random thing (not Plesk bad, but nearly) and at this point after 3 days I'm STILL getting a runaround and we don't have email set up yet - or an answer as to what the problem is!

There's just no comparison, at all.

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