Should have switched from Hostgator months ago


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I was on an $15/month HostGator "business" plan for roughly a decade, long before the EIG buyout. Things slowly, gradually started getting worse after that buyout. Downtimes. Crashes. Constant, grating daytime page-load latency of upwards of ten seconds, with off-peak latency of three seconds. I couldn't take it anymore, and my users were getting sick of it.


I moved to HawkHost and suddenly my sites started loading in a fraction of a second, like sane sites should, and I am kicking myself in the head for not doing this a long time ago.


If you're reading this and going "Hmm, should I really move to HawkHost from [HostGator/BlueHost/other EIG brand]?", the answer isn't just "Yes", the answer is "You should have already done it!"

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