Problem with redirects to another site

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First, excuse me my bad english. I have a problem but it is difficult to explain because english is not my native language.


I am using wordpres.


1. Principal domain is  simpatias.org . Your files are located in root directory (/public_html ) .

2. Addon domain is blogdoleo.org . Your files are located in subdictory /publoc_html/blogdoleo ) .


To try get a better SEO, I change the permalinks from /date/month/day to /name_of_post . I do that in both blogs.


For some strange reason, if someone try to to go


And if I try to go to


Please, why I am doing wrong ?

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If someone see this post, can make a test for me ?


This link and this link


Must be redirect to this link



Now, this link



Must be redirect to this link



I think I have it working now.


I read this link, about inherance of .htaccess.



And I move the addon domain to outside of /public_html

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