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I have been with hawk host for around 9 months now i have multiple hosting packages 3 semi dedicated and 1 shared account.


recently 5 days ago my wordpress blog got spammed and caused excessive use of cpu which happens sometime but not vet often like 1 a year or less, i got their email saying my semi dedicated account has been suspended which i expected because that would affect other users i replied within a few hours saying that i will just have to split up the blogs and buy another semi dedicate hosting package from the after 3 days no reply i lodge another ticket but this time stating the ticket as urgent as it was, as i make a living off adsense from those blogs and it was affecting me financially. after 4 days no reply and i have been constantly on the site hoping for someone to come on the live chat system this is now the 5th day and i just decided to do a short review hopefully its sorted so i can but another hosting package as up time is very good and reasonably priced.

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