A New-Old Adventure.


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Well this feels kind of strange, I don't think I've had a Shared Hosting account in over 10 years. I work on high level system administration/security work during the day and love tinkering at night (good or bad that your evening tinkering is the same as the day job?  ;) ). I've been using Dedicated, VPS, or Cloud servers to run my personal projects for a very long time. However I finally realized today that if I'm ever going to have a personal site that is going to stay up more then a couple of weeks/month before I start tinkering with the server again I need something I can't touch too much, lol. Finally signed up with you all tonight after bouncing you and a few competitors around for a couple of hours. Now I'm waiting to get setup. This is probably one of the few times you will hear much more than a peep out of me (I should be good, lol). Good luck out there.

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