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Hi all and congratulations!

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Hi all, this is my first post! :)

Just yesterday, I purchased a new basic hosting plan. I am italian (forgive my bad English...) and I am going to host some of my personal, low traffic, sites, talking about opensource software, music, opinions, etc...

I want to offer HawkHost my congratulations for quickness and reliability shown. I am coming from a misfortune for running into another provider that just made me to lose a lot of time, for its misleading advertising (I don't say who for obvious reasons).

HawkHost is to me the ideal provider also for European customers: in fact it offers American advantage (price/quality ratio of American hosting plans is always better than European and particularly Italian ones) with local connectivity (due to dutch servers). I am thinking to affiliate, but I fear it will be poorly useful, 'cause I don't expect lots of visits on my pages. However, I will publicize it all around the web (I frequent several technical forums and I am staff member of an important italian opensource community!). ;)

Thank you. Let's stay in touch.

When my site is ready, I'll post the link.

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