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I'm having some difficulties with CPanel.

First of all this is my firt attempt to upload a completely webpage on my own.

I bought your basic plan and I'm trying to set up two website, one of them will be my personal website which is the principal website. And the other will be a blog with Wordpress.

Also I have my 2 domains with

1st problem

I uploaded my page to a folder(I want to keep every website in on folder) in my public_html folder and it partially works because the page works but the links don't work.

2nd problem

I want to shorten the link because this part <</~davidbuc/db/>> is useless

3rd problem

I want to setup my second website which is a blog in Wordpress, and in Wordpress I need to put a domain, obviously if I put my real domain, won't work. So I don't know how to set it up.

Sorry for this newbie questions, but I've been one hour researching in Cpanel and I'm starting to have a headache

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I think questions 1 and 2 will sort themselves out once your main domain name has propagated. The 3rd question is just a case of retrieving the nameservers from your signup email, then

Log in to

Select the domains you want to use

Click 'Update DNS list'

And place the nameservers in there.

Click 'done' and wait awhile.

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I solved the blog problem I started, but it doesn't work properly

First of all

I still need to put and to go the websites. If I put the domains they load but in the navigation bar de name changes.

Obviosuly something is wrong because the blog doesn't work properly, I don't understand why.

I have a mix of emotions and the biggest one is rage, rage on my own

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