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I signed up with Hawk Host in 2008 and figured it was about time I publicly acknowledged their wonderful service. I left a widely known top-of-the-line host to come here for a lower price after reading great reviews. I was worried that the price was too good to be true. Was I ever mistaken! Their service has been even better than what I was receiving from my previous hosts. Within a few months I migrated my other accounts here.

I have a reseller account and have probably driven the crew nuts with little stuff over the years. I've had the occasional resource or abuse issues along with the normal everyday stuff. Not only has Tony and the team helped me sort things out, they have been extremely professional and understanding in the process. Just recently I had a client whose site had grown popular and was causing issues on the server. I was notified, and Tony suggested a course of action that would allow them to remain on the server. We had some issues with converting the site, and were advised to hold off until the issue could be examined in-depth. A week or so later Tony advised he figured out what the issue was and scheduled a time for us to go forward with the conversion, while he would be available to assist us with any possible issues.

I'm not much at writing reviews and such but I can tell you I don't worry about up-time, security, or whether my host will just cut a site off and make me look bad. I know that the servers are protected and monitored and I can sleep well at night. My only worry now is that if my clients outgrow the services here and I am forced to look for a dedicated server elsewhere.

Tony, please start a managed dedicated program before we need it!

Thanks to everyone at Hawk Host.


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