7? 8? year review


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I've been with Hawk Host since before Tony renamed Devoted Host to Hawk Host. Every day I am more delighted than the previous that I made the decision to host with them. Even as Hawk has grown, Tony has never let the customer experience feel like I've become "customer #347895-023." Their detailed attention to keeping their offerings up-to-date and the up time I have experienced has been, if one were to round to the nearest percent, 100% (it would be annoying to type the number of 9's needed to accurately describe the up time I've personally experienced).

Hawk regularly keeps their management software fresh and up-to-date adding the latest features on a regular basis.

Thanks guys for I don't know how long...

(It would be interesting to know how long I've been a customer though... but I think you only have to keep financial records for 7 years ;) )

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