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Rankings are really based on quality of content rather than the quantity or length. Just because an article is long doesn't mean that it has worthwhile content for someone searching. A short, keyword filled article is just as effective as a long article with only a few keywords sprinkled here and there. People linking to your content is often the most expedient method to boost a rank. I think the best example are forum post search results in Google. Most of them are not very long, most being less than a paragraph in total text, but its their content that gives them a higher page rank. Focus on building a really great article and don't worry about the length. Adding length does contribute positively to your code-to-content ratio, but you shouldn't go out of your way to fluff up your article.

Use search engine friendly URLs, make good use of header tags <h1></h1> to focus attention, ensure your page title is relevant to the content, keep repeat content to a minimum, make use of available meta tags, create and submit sitemaps to major search engines, etc.

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