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Looking at signing up for the VPS, but just want to be clear that it's okay to run the following:

I'm looking at probably using hwdVideoShare with Joomla - site will be a (relatively small) paid for service that's tutorial based with all original content produced for it.

hwdVideoShare lists its requirements as:


and the PHP configuration should include:

The ability to use the exec() function

The ability to use the file_get_contents() function

The ability to use the fsockopen() function

The Client URL (cURL) Library

allow_url_fopen is On

Would any of this be a problem to run resource wise with your VPS service?

Any alternative recommendations for a free open source solution to what i want to do?

(essentially a small group of chosen tutors will create content and need to be able to upload directly to the site for paid subscribers to view the content).

I started to write the backend for this myself, but thought i may as well not re-invent the wheel. But i'm in two minds and i wonder if i should just

carry on myself as my needs are specific - either way i was using FFMPEG etc for conversion on my local development server so the server requirements

are the same.

Thanks! :)


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