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  1. Here is the problem: in Brasil, we have only two mainly affordable hosts: Hostinger and Locaweb. But they are the most complained services all over the country. Terrible support, terrible uptime, umprepared tech guys, doesnt solve the issues, don't care about their customers, terminate accounts for no reason without warning..... Just the worse ! For you have an idea, Locaweb has over 4000 complaints on a famous national complaints site ( ) and hostinger has over 2000 complaints. This is a lot ! And they are getting worse everyday. There are many other host options, but they are tiny companies with like 4 employees made from two guys in their garage, that you can't risk to trust.... My request: Please, bring a datacenter to south america! If you do that, at your prices, I'm totally 100% sure, you will save all webmasters of the country that are struggling to find a decent host with low latency lower than 170ms, with 24/7 support that actually care about their customers. Such thing doesnt exist here ! Plus if you make a site in portuguese, for sure, you guys would dominate the market over Locaweb and Hostinger, GoDaddy, Hostgator, all of them!