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  1. Thanks for the offer but this issue has been resolved yesterday by upgrading to semi-dedicated plan.
  2. Hello, Thanks for reply Brian, I thought it was downtime, till I see almost everyday my website down for 2min to 30min and I notice it was my cpu usage overlimit while I check in cpanel. For a beginner like me who don't have backend knowledge about cpanel. There is no email notice that my shared is hitting a limit or I need to upgrade my server because the limit. Even when I submit the ticket, it give me a vague answer that I already follow it but the problem still there. It's kinda make me frustrated.
  3. Hello, I'm new to website server. My site takes 200GB up to 250GB/month based on cloudflare with visitor ~10.000 visits/day and it's still growing. I'm using shared hosting on hawkhost but it's seems the cpu usage everyday at some hour it's reached CPU USAGE 99%. Then my visitor is gone because my site can't running properly. I would like to know, Do I need to upgrade the plan to have the site running fine?if yes what plan do I need to take?