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  1. As the title says loved Hawk Host when I had a shared account but after exchanging 12 messages in a support ticket with support I have been unable to log into my cloud hosted site even once. Even following links they gave me and the details in the e-mail for the cloud hosted site I was always met with wrong log in message. This is not to over look when I tried for got username and entered my e-mail it would say the e-mail couldn't be found which is odd since I get updates to my support tickets with the e-mail I used with my shared account. Both of which used the same account. I'm already planning to go back to my old host after this experience with Hawk Host. I'll just take the money I'm going to lose on cloud hosting, since the TOS doesn't list Cloud being covered in the 30 day money back guarantee. I'll just take this as a learning experience. I'll still tell people to try Hawk Host for shared hosting but if they want to upgrade I'll suggest read reviews of other companies.
  2. Every other host allows this but Hawk Host I was trying to upgrade my website from Primary shard to Cloud. Support said I have to buy a Cloud account first then migrate my shared account to it. I think it would be much faster and easier to be able to do it ourselves just click update and be able to pick any of the tiers that Hawk Host have instead of just being able to go from Primary shard hosting to Professional shard hosting. Just makes upgrading a pain for the users.