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  1. Hey all - quick question about PHP Versions. I'm wanting to upgrade my Wordpress PHP version to the latest - but not sure what the difference is between 'PHP 7.2 (alt-php72)' vs 'PHP 7.2 (ea-php72)'?I changed the PHP version to PHP 7.2 (alt-php72) as a test, and I got a 501 error, then changed it to PHP 7.2 (ea-php72) and it's working fine. Assuming that the PHP 7.2 (ea-php72) is the version I should be using, right?
  2. If I wanted to move my website to another location (Dallas to NY), would there be any cost involved for you guys to complete this task for me? Just curious. Ben.
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    I've noticed this server isn't listed in the 'Server' forum, any reason for this? Is it a new server?
  4. First post here. Been with HawkHost since Nov of last year, so fairly new, but I know of them, and heard many great things about them over on WHT. Hi all! Just a bit of a maintenance. question for you all - I download a backup a few times a month, I put calendar reminders to remind me to do it. If I've made a significant change to my website, and I am a happy with it, I'll usually go right ahead and backup right there and then.