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  1. Greetings Hawkhost, After 10+years sticking to one company with two reseller hosting, and recently due to slow economic condition, I was looking around to get better host for myself. I have since discovered your company... damn! Am I too stupid to realise there's actually much better company out there with much more reasonable plan. I am grateful to discover your company. Here are my questions before I switch over and purchase your Silver Reseller hosting: ( i ) is the US$25.99/month Silver reseller comes with discount if I would make a one-time upfront annual payment? ( ii ) what is the monthly price later for subsequent year after my annual payment? Will it be same the next year? or would be much expensive? (iii ) Which location of your datacenter should I choose if I am from Malaysia and Singapore... but my audiences and web presence mostly from global... especially Asia, Europe and USA... I just need a stable datacenter and server, my domains and sites are normally under utilised and they are not under heavy traffic. Please advise. Thank you. Regards, Cae