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  1. Hi I currently host an IPB-based forum with a company in Europe and I've recently tried to migrate it to another hosting company. My experience was horrible. The only thing that the company did was to transfer my database and my files from the cPanel. When I changed the DNS, the forum was inaccessible, it was full of fatal errors, I couldn't even access the Admin Panel. Their server didn't have Zend guard installed, their support team didn't know what to do. They asked me to wait 24 hours until they figure it out. Eventually they gave up and told me that they can't do anything about it. I was basically scammed out of one month payment cause they didn't offer refunds. I had to switch back to my previous host so that at least my forum can be functional. With the domain propagation periods, I had a downtime of about 3 days. I lost some members, a lot of traffic etc. I want to move to HawkHost, but I want to have a way to test the forum's functionality before changing the DNS to your server because if it doesn't work and everything is down for another 48 hours, I'm going to lose all of my members. I assume that - seeing how you are hosting this forum (which runs on IPB) - your servers are optimized to run IPB-based forums, with every IPB app, including IP. Nexus, which is Zend-encoded. You also need to have Suhosin disabled in order for IPB to run without errors. Also, in order for avatars to load in real time, the server shouldn't have Varnish installed. The IPB version my forum runs on is 3.4.8. The whole forum is about 2 GB in size. If I buy the Professional shared hosting plan from HawkHost, can you guys do a perfect migration? I can even pay you a reasonable migration fee (other companies requested $10 for migration, I don't know what your price is) to fix all the errors before I change the DNS, to minimize the downtime as much as possible. Long story short: I want a migration without any errors, I want to test the forum's functionality before changing the DNS. Tell me how much such a service would cost me.