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    Hi Brian, Thank you for the quick reply, and over a Holiday weekend none the less. Just proves my point that HH is a first rate hosting provider! I didn't realize the CloudFlare icon in a Cpanel was branded HH, so it makes perfect sence it would not be avaiable on a reseller account, thanks. I did consider the .htcacces to block but wanted to explore the CloudFlare option first for all the resons you mentioned. Will follow your recommendation. Thanks again, Steve4 P.S.I typically don't write reviews but believe one should give credit were credit is due. I think it's time for a HH follow up review on WebHostingTalk!
  2. Steve4


    Hello, I have had a basic reseller plan for two years and couldn't be more pleased with the hosting HH provides!! Over the last year I've seen a significant increase in the frequency of unauthorized login attempts on five WP sites. The majority of hack attempts are coming from Turkey. Different IPs are being used so the cpanel's IP Manager is always one step behind. The WP sites all use a variety of WP security plugins and security tips but I'd like another layer of protection. It appears Cloud Flare has, among other features, the ability to block IPs from an entire country or region. So my question is, is Cloud Flare avalible for sites on reseller accounts? I have not seen the Cloud Flare icon in any control panel and could not determine from your website's wording if a reseller account on a shared server (Dallas) is included in "the service is offered free for our shared hosting plans.". Thanks again for your time and providing such a quality hosting service! Cheers, Steve4