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  1. I'm interested in getting a VPS(Loc-SG) from you guys but I'm not sure how you handle DDoS attacks. First of all I want to host a Game server on the VPS , so web caching protections like Cloudflare is not an option here. I already have a server with another provider but they seem to null-route IP in case of an attack. The type of attack I'm getting is TCP floods and they are targeting port 80. Attack size is ~100mbps. My firewall drops the attack(no outgoing only incoming traffic, So I assume it's dropped) but they still nullroute. So my question is, what's your policy against DDoS attacks for VPS plans? Do you nullroute IP incase of an DDoS attack? or Do you suspend the VPS? Also can you PM me a test IP to test ping/traceroute? Best regards.