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  1. Why do Hawkhost servers end up on SpamCop now and then? This is my biggest gripe with Hawkhost, mail stops getting delivered for a day or two at a time. Support is very slow to respond. Spam also seemed to have moved from Cpanel filtering, directly to individual accounts a month or two ago ("account level filters" not working). Not real happy with that. Other than that, very happy with Hawkhost reliability. Been with them several years.
  2. I also noticed this a few weeks ago. I have 7 employees with "Account level filtering" set to send spam to trash folder. Filter is "Spam Status begins with Yes, deliver to Trash". For the past 2 years our main trash folder would get 250-350 spams per day, I'd dump approx. 2000 per week. A few weeks ago each employee started getting an extra 25-50 spams per day, our trash folder at cPanel now gets zero. I did not change any settings, but I did notice a new cPanel "look". Something changed!