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  1. Can anyone help me resolve the SSL No Valid Sertificate problem? I use Let's encrypt. Auto SSL cannot run. Domain DNS also does not detect SSL. My website cannot be accessed. I have tried to contact support with a ticket and I was directed to change the IP in cloudflare. I changed it, but that hasn't solved the problem. My site cannot be accessed for about 10 hours and I have not found a solution. The URL of my site is I am very disturbed by this.
  2. why I find page 403 when performing verification in bing and Alexa? Please help me.
  3. Thank you for your attention and quick response on this issue. sng002 server performance look better now. Hopefully this situation can persist and become even better. I will monitor developments and will make a ticket if there are still issues that arise. Once again thank you for Hawkhost.
  4. I found the same problem with the server sng002 and has yet to get a settlement. Maybe this is a problem that can not be resolved because a lot of customers on the server so sng002 overload. But the problem remains Hawkhost received and does not increase the capacity of the server. Hawkhost also does not provide alternative hosting singapore is not overloaded. This is a poor performance for Hawkhost.
  5. yes we have the same problem it seems. Do you have a hosting singapore better than sng002? hosting is obviously already overloaded.
  6. Does anyone use server singapore? The server was very heavy and after my check was already overloaded. If anyone could help me solve this problem?