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  1. Just a curiosity bump - would the main problem be lack of CPanel support for managing python/wsgi apps, or Litespeed/wsgi issues, or other things? At work I'm doing Python these days, and if I was adding a little custom functionality for a personal website these days, it might be fun to use the same python micro-framework rather than dig back into PHP.
  2. YKdvd

    MySQL 5.5.8

    This blog post from a month ago says that "all our servers" were now running MySQL 5.5. However, my account on Titan still seems to be at 5.1.69. Was there a problem and a version rollback, or did some servers not actually get updated?
  3. It should be fine for now - I've got a ticket in to see if I can get Mercurial set up, and I think it still supports 2.4. I probably won't need to do any Python of my own, but if I ever do I may take you up on this... Just out of curiosity, do you and your LiteSpeed setup support Python WSGI web apps (like Apache's mod_wsgi)?
  4. I noticed that (at least on Titan) the installed version of Python is 2.4.3, which is pretty long in the tooth - I would have expected 2.7 or at least 2.6. Is this one of those "a newer version would break more than it gains" things, or just what comes along with your underlying Linux distro?
  5. CPanel has the PHP PEAR Packages pane, which appears to have a selection from the main PEAR repository. Is there any way of installing packages from other PEAR channels? I'd like to have QueryPath (from pear.querypath.org) and Doctrine (from pear.doctrine-project.org) in my PEAR setup, but there doesn't seem to be any way to specify another channel. Is the package list/channels set by CPanel, or can a host like HawkHost add configurations?
  6. That's why I wanted to ask about it. I can imagine there is a lot of inertia in a shared environment against a semi-major update like this, and not a lot of incentive to make it available, since a lot of the stuff that might break now will probably still be there months from now, and the same breakage screams... . You don't have any plans to make 5.3 available as an alternative/dual install so that individual accounts can enable it via .htaccess configuration? I could get by without it for awhile if I have to, but since it is generally available to me in OSX at work and at home, it would be a shame to have to avoid it if I want to throw something up on my site. Will do - I won't have time to actually migrate to whatever new host I choose until next weekend at the earliest, so I wasn't in a big rush for the answers. Thanks, --- David
  7. I'm looking at finding a new host for a small reseller account - your Basic should be fine. I'm not actually reselling - it is pretty much all personal use. A couple of questions I have: - SSH access is indicated as available - is this for all domains? I've seen one or two mentions of hosts where it is only available on the main reseller domain. Also, I assume SFTP isn't a problem? - do you have a timeline for making PHP 5.3.x available? - is remote access to the mySQL port (3306) possible? Again, for personal development purposes, not to make a publically available. Thanks.