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  1. I have been updating my website today and I notice my I/O Usage hits 100% when I save, if I am on my website and change pages. The CPU also hits 50%. Do I need to worry about this? I noticed my disk space was almost at 50%. I found out I forgot to make my pictures smaller. I also deleted some of my backups that were taking up space, so that is back down. I just wanted to make sure if I needed to worry about these other 2 things and if so what I do about them? Thank you Trisha
  2. I have received the following message when trying to activate a plug in on one of the websites I manage: The plugin "Background Manager" requires PHP version 5.3.0 or better, but version 5.2.17 was detected. Because of this error, the plugin was automatically deactivated to prevent it from causing further problems with your WordPress site. Error source (wasnt sure I should list the exact directory) I know just enough to get me in trouble, but not enough on how to update this. Can anyone help me update this? Thank you
  3. I know the transfer is finally done and says Net Earth One. I can not find where to change the Name Servers? Do I still need to wait couple of days to be able to do that through my client log-in on Hawk Host? Thank you
  4. Hopefully I did it right. I got a code for domain transfer, I entered where I thought I needed to when I placed the order. Thanks again Trisha
  5. Another question. I am still getting the domain unlocked, I just sent in a request. I went into start a new order in Hawk Host and when you get to the domain it only has the choice of registering a new domain or that I will update my namesevers. I don't see the option to transfer the domain? Am I missing it? I actually need the hosting and the domain charge on the same charge. Thank you Trisha
  6. They approved me moving it to hawk host!! I am so glad. I will be working on doing what you suggested. I am going to do it all at the same time, so I will go unlock the domain. Thank you for your answers, I will let you know when I am ready to transfer the word press part. Thanks again Trisha
  7. Right now I use Hawk Host and I LOVE it. I took over as "web master" for my sons high school music department. At the time they had their website hosted through the free doteasy. Our website was quite large for the free one and you had to code everything. I switched the web host to 000webhost with their free webhosting, but kept the domain registration with doteasy, so that I could use WordPress and make it easier for anyone in the future to run the website. I have not been able to get into our wordpress admin since before this past weekend because of a ddos (i think that is what they called it). I am trying to convince the boosters to move to a paid host and since I have had virtually NO down time I am pushing them to Hawk Host. Now my questions: 1) I know I read we can get help to move the WordPress database, will people know as they go to the website or is it pretty fast? 2) Are we able to move both the host and the domain to you at the same time? Even though they are different places. The domain (lnerocketmusic.org) does not expire until Sept. 2013 3) The boosters only have a checking account do you guys ever do a bank draft or anything? If not, are we able to set up the account to receive an invoice and then pay with a credit card then? (That way a current booster can use their card at the time) Or does it have to be marked as auto-renew? We are having a meeting tonight and they are going to discuss more, so I may have more questions. Thank you Trisha