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    Thank you Brian for your detailed reply you're amazing
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    Hello, I've been a loyal hawkhost user since 2011 id like to ask about memory and cpu usage because currenty i am hosting a forum and most of the time my max users is only about 5-10, Today i added a wordpress blog with only 3 plugins wp super cache, akismet and contact form. Below is my stats that i got from my cpanel can you please check if im not exceeding my resource usage, i am not always online and i don't want to get my site suspended. Also note that when i refersh that memory usage from 80mb drops down to 40-50ish mb, so its not constant 80mb. Also can you kindly please explain to me briefly what si I/O usage and among all the resources which one should i be worried most about. i.e cpu usage. Also regards to memory even tho in my cpanel it shows /1048 i heard that im only limited as much as 128mb, corect? Thank you
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    please disregard my post its back to normal now. Thank you
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    Hello i find my website kinda slow and sometimes im gettling the SQL error thing they told me to contact my hosting. I havnet installed any app or plugins its supposed to run smooth just like before.
  5. Wow I'm from Asia "Philippines" I'm currently under the cougar server, will i experience noticeable speed gain if i move to that server ? How much is the cost to move a server ? Also i heard you're opening a Singapore Server soon? If yes that will be great because my country is so close to Singapore. Anwyay i have a question regarding forum, is it allowed to post torrent links or movie links ? So it's basically just index others sites content not to host it on our shared hosting.. Thanks
  6. Hi again i tried a fresh install , no mods or theme installed .. just the default BB Generated in 0.0216899 seconds (91.31% PHP / 8.69% MySQL) SQL Queries: 10 / Global Parsing Time: 0.0158298 / Memory Usage: 4 MB PHP version: 5.2.16 / Server Load: 0.91 / GZip Compression: Disabled and this is my original board Generated in 0.0935700 seconds (92.61% PHP / 7.39% MySQL) SQL Queries: 30 / Global Parsing Time: 0.0372572 / Memory Usage: 8.75 MB PHP version: 5.2.16 / Server Load: 0.89 / GZip Compression: Enabled Ok now i've imported a backup database look: Generated in 0.0462229 seconds (86.10% PHP / 13.90% MySQL) SQL Queries: 10 / Global Parsing Time: 0.0225270 / Memory Usage: 5.75 MB PHP version: 5.2.16 / Server Load: 3.66 / GZip Compression: Disabled note there are no plugins activated yet , im sure if i'll use the same plugin i'll get 8.75 too
  7. 100 Members in total and about 6 are online now Generated in 0.0974112 seconds (88.72% PHP / 11.28% MySQL) SQL Queries: 34 / Global Parsing Time: 0.0415151 / Memory Usage: 9.25 MB PHP version: 5.2.16 / Server Load: 1.51 / GZip Compression: Enable++ Is it using too much memory ? If im not mistaken i had less mem usage before, does the current maintenance affect this ? ty