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  1. Hey all, first time here, loving the set up of Hawkhost. Can someone shed some light on the mailing list notification when subscribing members. Basically for years I just kept a google doc with addresses in there and I am debating adding them all to the list. When I was at dreamhost they insisted I had to have the users agree to join. I was not able to add them. I was a bit annoyed at this, but understood of course. Now I have left Dreamhost and am enabling the mailing list option, but before I add people. Will they get a mass email asking them to agree to be added? OR, can I just add them and not worry about it. Just worried that if I add them its going to bother them. I am an artist and send invites to shows once every 4 months or so, but its getting tedious and want to just automate everything. Thanks!