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  1. I have a strange issue that email accounts on my hosted site can not retrieve email from the server when on my WIFI network. However if they switch their device to the cellular network they can access email every time. I would rather them use WiFi. Any ideas?
  2. Okay... I should have tried this before posting. Just before submitting a support ticket, I ran through the easy stuff that I might be asked if I had done and decided that I should try rebooting the phone. That seems to have fixed the problem. I guess I got the mail client into a strange state. Maybe this might help someone else somewhere along the way!
  3. Brian, Thanks for replying. I will submit a ticket.
  4. Greetings, At the risk of sounding stupid, I need help configuring my e-mail for my iPhone. I configured the client as a IMAP with SSL client according to the manual info from the cpanel page. I can send and receive e-mails, but the mailboxes for my hawkhost accounts always show emails as unread even if I have read the emails. Anyone have an idea on what I might have done wrong? Thanks!