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  1. I can` t access my database because the sessions are not stored anymore in the file in /tmp folder. The error I`m getting in phpMyAdmin " Token mismatch". I cleared my cookies without success. I hope I did´t delete a file by accident. Server is Amsterdam.Can I fix this by myself in anyway or should I open a support ticket ?
  2. Happy New Year @ all ! I would like to host in Amsterdam also with a new website. Im´m already a client and my personal data is the same but the PayPal is different and I would like to pay this not with my current stored business PayPal data Therefore my question:Should I lock in with my current account data when ordering or should I just enter everything again ?
  3. You will loose PR and possible ranking if you don`t care on link building in the future. Also there are hundreds of tutorials about this topic available on Google. Just search
  4. Exactly since 2 years I host several websites with hawkhost and I m very satisfied and still glad that I found this webhost.I never had to contact the support within this time because everything works like it should. Thank you and Keep it up !
  5. I would try out RavenNuke ™because its free and a very secure CMS and thats an important factor if you are dealing with young people. I developed my website 7 years ago for students, pupils and gamers and noticed a lot of script-kiddies trying out my websites security but without great success.
  6. Jasmin


    Thanks. My username and password was always correct. However, it only works using Outlook. That
  7. Jasmin


    With the newest version of Thunderbird it should be really easy to get it to work normally. I
  8. I do have the same problem described here: http://www.ravenphpscripts.com/postt13834.html I modified all the parts and I was able to enter the paths to .htaccess,.staccess etc. but it still doesn
  9. Thanks, I ve never used cpanel before and therefore I need to figure out some things. Frontpage is now disabled.
  10. I know this thread is old but I have exact the same problem and have not found a way to disable the frontpage extension.Maybe I