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  1. Hi - I am currently trying to figure out how to set up a connection from MySQL Workbench. I have Created a new DB from cpanel Created a new user for that DB from cpanel Assigned that use to the DB I am then opening up the MySQL Workbench enviroment and attempting to create a new connection. The connection wizard looks like sooo.... I feel this out as so.. Hostname - username - "the user I created in cpanel" default schema - whatever I decide to name the schema I then hit test connection and enter the password that I assigned to the user and I get a message that states that "Your connection attempt failed for use '******' from your host to server at" It also asks me to - check that mysql is running on server - check that mysql is running on port 3306 - check that user has rights to connect to from your address - make sure you are both provigind a password if needed and using the correct password. Any adivce? Regards Chad