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  1. I am launching my company in Amstardam. It's a web development company that will be inaugrated by two owners and another branch will be set up in Singapore. This is because of good communication and transport networks. The cost of setting up their will be in budget. What say guys! Is it right setting up company in these two places that are opposite in directions.
  2. I am seriously fed up wtih the service of this web hosting provider. No service. No connection. What's use of paying big bucks for this service! I think I should abate from this service. Even customer care support service is poor! I really didn't expexted from this particular service provider. I am planning to change this host provider.
  3. VPS hosting is very popular medium because it consists of control panel interface and it is a cost effective solution for your busienss.You can easily identify the traffic patterns. It also allows generating revenue so that the websites grow higher and higher. You also find some good deals on this hosting page.
  4. It has been 12 hours by now and still now the server is blocked and not working. Plugins have also been de activated by now. No responses . It's irritating now. Sitting idle for the person like a blogger is difficult. in that time they could ananlyze many data. Please help what should be done in this situation now!
  5. I think this is bad on the side of the company that it is not supporting any technical mailing or call systems. No domain name registered. No online chat.. no call system. This is really absured on the regulatign system of the system. The issue should be brought forward and note down for some improvement.