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  1. So how long did it take you to show up on Google for your targeted keywords after putting your 'finished' site up. When I say finished i mean your first instance of tagging everything and putting in all the content - not your under construction page, and not solely your homepage, but the other pages in your site. For me my main site has been registered for 10 months, but did not get around to finishing it until the 9th month. Upon finishing it am now on first page for some juicy keywords, took about a month after completion. So im wondering how long it would have taken if id finished it up earlier and if domain registration lifespan is a factor. The newest site is an 'add on' and is less than about a month old and finished around 10 days ago, but isn't showing up on google search yet. Is starting to index as indicated by ""...But from past experience know that showing up on GWT and actually showing up on google search are two different things. Sites do not yet register as 'indexed' on GWT. So to make things clear for readers of this posting please fill in the blanks below please: 1) When did you register your URL 2) When did you start showing up on Google searches by using keywords for search (not using 3) Primary domain or add on domain 4) When was sitemap submitted? thanks !