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  1. Hi I am experiencing my second site outage because of some other, completely-unrelated, website had a DDOS incident. Is there some way to get DDOS protection? I don't know much behind the technology behind webhosting, but it seems unfair that my site went down because some other site was attacked. It is embarrassing to deal with random outages of your website, and having customer support suggest that I use a random proxy to access my own site. I submit a ticket and so far they didn't tell me how long my site would be down for. I guess I will start looking at other, more reliable, web hosts. I almost suggested to two of my colleagues to use this web-hosting for their websites, now I can't confidently recommend it. My site is still down - thanks
  2. hello ive tried two different emails to forward to my gmail account, and neither worked. i receive the email on the (crappy) email system on hawkhost, but it doesn't forward to the gmail account any suggestions or fixes?
  3. ohh I didnt know there was a way to just go in the cpanel and let hawhost install it. should tell people that
  4. hi I need information from my webhost to set up wordpress. database name, username, password, database host, table prefix but i cant even come close to finding them in the cpanel. any suggestions