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  1. While looking in the "Select php Version" in cPanel I noticed that Redis was their but had no info associated with it. So I selected it and saved and loaded my project that is using Redis but the page won't load. Is Redis installed on Shared Hosting and if so how can I use it, or does the above relate to something else? Currently I'm using php 5.2
  2. Shared Hosting Questions. I notice that you impose a limit of 25 mysql connections would this be enough for the following stats: Domain 1 - IPB - 3,746 Total Posts 289 Total Members 40 Most Online Domain 2 - SMF - 9345 Posts in 1686 Topics by 874 Members Most Online Record 27 Domain 3 - SMF Testing Forum Domain 4 - Static HTML Domain 5 - WordPress Testing The Domains would all be Addon Domains. Would there be any issues with LiteSpeed running any of the above? Lastly is it possible to FXP the files directly from my current host your a new account here?