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  1. Nothing illegal or torrent based. We monitor all files in real time. Anything that violates our own TOS, the account is banned, and their IP address is blacklisted.
  2. Does HawkHost support the ability for resellers to allow file hosting sites? They do not take up much bandwidth, if that is the question, and the files are only hosted for 3 days max and then deleted. The file hosting is also not public, its private, whereas there is not public access, only personal unique URL access. Looking for a new home, as the current provider is having serious connection issues.
  3. Can someone tell me what the limitation on the number of inodes is for shared and reseller accounts?
  4. So what do you suggest I do? I would like to move to HawkHost. Open to options.
  5. Does HawkHost have any limitations on how many files you may have on your site? My site does not use much space, but has a lot of little files. Currently has around 400k in files, but less that 500MBs of space being used.