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  1. The forum directory should be created in the public_html folder. Is this where it is?
  2. I used WHM quite a bit in the past and it was very easy to use. You just made a package and made an account but I just can't seem to find out how. It's like there is something missing from the control panel. I've pasted a list of what I have available below. Any pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated. Server Configuration Basic cPanel & WHM Setup Support Configure Customer Contact Locales Locale XML Download View Available Locales Cluster/Remote Access Setup Remote Access Key Account Information List Subdomains Account Functions Web Template Editor Themes Change WHM Theme cPanel Branding Change Log Plugins ConfigServer Mail Queues ConfigServer Security&Firewall Fantastico De Luxe WHM Admin LVE Manager LiteSpeed Web Server Mod Security RVSkin Manager Softaculous - Instant Installs
  3. Alex


    Ok, thanks. I have a few queries which I'll open a support ticket for. Thanks.
  4. Alex


    If I order cPanel, will WHM be included in that?
  5. Alex


    I am currently a customer of HawkHost under a reseller plan, however, I am considering upgrading to a VPS. I'm not really that sure why other than I would like to try it. Could I: Use the current domain I use as the main account for my reseller on the VPS whilst keeping my reseller accounts online whilst I get used to it. Also, can I create more than one account on VPS. Will I still have WHM or something to create accounts with.
  6. The namesevers are still pointing at the first registrar so I'll try that EPP code. It is a 6 letter domain. Well, I'll start to get everything ready. I will proberbly place an order in 1 - 2 weeks Thanks for your time.
  7. Alex

    hello All

    Have you IP banned him. Also, there are modifications on to allow you to ban by email for instance,, and Proxy IP to real IP conversions that you can install.
  8. Well, that all sounds good to me. However, I have a slight problem. I registered a domain, tried to transfer it to my host and now I can't acess it from eaither. Is transfering it again going to make things worse or it a problem at the host? One final question now, for the username of the main account. Are we able to choose it or will it be randomly generated? For instance, if my login name is nameabc, can I keep that or will it be changed to namexyz?
  9. Well, it would be hard to be slower than my current host. My latest ticket has been on hold for three days. Also, I'm pretty sure they havn't transfered the domain which I have paid them to do. The name servers are still pointing the previous registrar. I think a reseller should be fine. I will really only be using standard php/MySQL. I would need to transfer around 8 domains to you and would need 2 of the accounts files and databases moving. For payments, do you accept PayPal? What is the inode limit for reseller accounts? Thanks
  10. I'm thinking of moving to Hawk Host and would like to know a few things. Also, I would like some members inputs. My main concern is support. At the moment, I'm on a reseller plan costing