how do I remove the index.html behind the domain name?

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Let's say the domain in question is example.com.

As Brian said, you need to have an index page such as index.html (you can have other suffixes, as appropriate - .shtml, .php, etc.).
This should go in your public_html directory.

Then if a visitor simply goes to http://example.com, he will see that address in his browser,
while what is displayed is the contents of index.html.  You don't have to do anything to remove it.

A visitor can also explicitly open http://example.com/index.html
in which case that full address will appear in the browser address bar.

If you want to make that appear as just http://example.com as well,
you can, since the main page for HawkHost's website does exactly that. 

If you try to open https://hawkhost.com/index.php what you see
is just https://hawkhost.com (Index.html gives a 404 error in that instance.)

For some htaccess code to accomplish that, see this post:
(among many others of simiar bent)

NOTE: adding rewrite rules is tricky business, and can easily mess things up.
Experiment in a subdirectory before adding it to your main home directory.

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