Very Quick Subdomain Question

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I read several posts on subdomain roots but didn't understand the answers. In short, I have a main domain, and one subdomain, which was created under /public_html/subdomain

I just added a second subdoman, which was added under root...  /my2ndsubdomain

Does this mean the new subdomain is not public and won't be seen on the Web? I only purchased the domain to use for mail, so it actually doesn't need a Web presence, but I do need to make sure it will work for mail. Is it ok as is? Thank you!

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The short answer is the new subdomain will be seen on the web and it'll work fine.  The long explanation is:

The idea of a public_html folder is really an old way of thinking.  The web server is capable of showing a site regardless of the folder it is in.  As a result of this cPanel now automatically places any new subdomains/addon domains below your public_html folder.  It allows for easier organization and makes so you don't have a case of the content of one subdomain/domain loading from the primary domain of the account also.  You can also be even more flexible and do things like:


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Thank you so very much! That was an explanation I could understand! And I already have mail working. One last question... since I don't need a web presence for this site, it is required I throw up an index page, or do I not need to bother? Thank you again!

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