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URL for seeing and building a site without name propagation

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You would use the preview URL included in your 'New Account Information' email. That URL looks like

In the above example you'd replace the server name with your server, enter your username after the ~, and then the path to your test install within your public_html directory. If you contact our support team asking for the preview URL for your account they can give you the exact link to use.

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While that approach can serve for most purposes,
it has at least one shortcoming:

Certain hyperlinks within the site won't work.
These are of the form [a href="/somepath/somepage.html"]
I have used square brackets [ ] to avoid it being recognized as HTML here (and not appearing).

To get around that problem, you can make all your links relative, [a href=../../somepath/somepage.html]
but you may not want to do that.

Another possibility is this:
in the HOSTS file for your own computer add an entry like this: (tab)
Where you put the actual IP address and domain name.

Then for you, and you alone, when you access it will take
you to your still-in-development website.  When you then go live and
have your DNS point to the site, you can remove that line from HOSTS.

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