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Polr/MySQLnd - What am I doing wrong?

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Hello everyone,

I'm having a small issue, I'm pretty sure I'm just missing something so I didn't want to make a ticket and bother the support staff :)


I'm trying to install Polr, a url shortener on one of my development sites (here's a link to Polr: )


It all seems straight forward enough, I went to cpanel and made sure that mysqli, mcrypt, mysqlnd were checked in my php extensions. Saved everything and tried to load the script and I'm getting the below error.






I'm sure i've just missed and extra extension or something, does anyone have any ideas?


Thanks guys :)

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That is a very strange one what I think is happening is you have both mysql and mysqlnd checked in our PHP extension manager.  The system mysql extension is being loaded and the native mysql extension is not being loaded because of that.  Try unchecking mysql and checking mysqlnd and see if it works then.  If it still does not work then would you mind opening a ticket and sending me a PM with the ticket number?  I'll take a look and see if we can figure out why it's not working as expected.

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