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plankton does not accept email via smtp

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First, the Problem is solved, because of no response to the ticket, i contacted you via Faceoook - this seems to be the fastest way :)
I already opened a ticket ( FXI-245-22883 )
But no  response to the ticket (as in the past)
The SMTP Service on plankton seemed to be down a few days.
Did the Monitoring fail?


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I found your ticket it got in between a ton of spam the frog host support desk received.  We're going to be deploying some new anti spam strategies on our help desks within the next two weeks so that we hopefully don't miss random tickets.  It's a fine balance between blocking spam on our helpdesks and also not blocking user tickets.


To answer your question about our monitoring nothing at all triggered anywhere.  All services tested as up from our end so not sure what could have happened.   My only guess due to the time frame of it would be it was related to the bash updates and us reloading a few things to protect accounts.  Although no other server had the same issue so really don't know.

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thank you for the answer. 

now all is fine.


But a Question:

If we want to use SPAM Experts we should change MX to this one:


MX 10


is this ok?



That wouldn't be correct.  You need to set it in cPanel and it'll change MX records as well as setup the account on our cluster as well as update routing on the cPanel side.  If you're using external DNS after you switch to SpamExperts in cPanel then go to MX records and use the MX records we set on the account.

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