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Command: MLSD with filezilla

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I setup an ftp account for a subdomain, when I try to connect with filezilla (3.5.3) login/password gets accepted but then I get this:


Command:    MLSD
Error:    Connection timed out
Error:    Failed to retrieve directory listing


I'm using explicit FTP over TLS. If I use plain FTP it does work. I don't want to use plain FTP for security reasons.


Any idea?




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Yes I tried, SFTP does not work with the subdomain account.


I'm going to try tomorrow with SFTP but with my main account (not the subdomain one).


Right now it seems the server has banned my IP for too many failed connection attempts, it happened something like that last night and I was not able to connect not even with SSH like I always do.


I'll post what happened tomorrow :)

Thank you

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My mistake, and I'm sorry for the bad advice, but it looks like SFTP only works on the primary cPanel/FTP login, not subdomains.

If you can't get this working please submit a support ticket ( and reference this forum post, I'd like to have the issue escalated to our sysadmin department to see if we can find a solution.

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