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I have three different accounts with three sites my customer wants to make some adjustments that are above my knowledge.


What it is now

Domain/host 1 = a simple redirect to domain/host 2

Domain/host 2 = an outdated drupal site

Domain/host 3 = and updated wordpress site


What they want done.

Remove the redirect on domain/host 1 (Already done) and copy and install the outdated site from domain/host 2 onto domain/host 1

After that is up and running properly

Copy the updated site off of domain/host 3 and install onto domain/host 2

Domain/host 2 & 3 will both be up and running until my customer is satisfied with the results of the move.


The redirect is simple and already removed. I am lost after that. What is the best way of accomplishing this? My customer wants to see the moved sites up and running each time before taking down a live site proceeding onto the next move.


Kind regards


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This is really confusing thats why I don't think you're getting much of a response from anyone.


Are these suppose to be different web sites?

Are they copies of the same website just different application?



This might make things a bit more clear.  It just seems confusing right now when you talk about copying files from one site to another making me think it's just different versions of the same site but I don't even know.

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Its two different complete websites I need moved to different domains and hosts. I have three different domains set up on individual hosting accounts. I need stuff moved between them. One is a drupal site one a wordpress site. The drupal site needs to go from domain.org to a domain.com address/host. Once that's up and running. Then the wordpress site needs to be moved to the domain.org site and host.


Clear as mud huh...lol

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