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Virtual Private Servers + Washington DC Location

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I would like to announce that Hawk Host now offers virtual private servers (VPS) as well as a second location Washington DC.

Our VPS offering will be starting in our Washington DC location and depending on popularity will also be available in our Dallas Texas location. VPS's are a great middle grown between a shared or reseller account and a dedicated server. It provides more control, but still a much more affordable price compared to a dedicated server.

For our Washington DC location it is immediately available for shared and reseller offerings and can be selected on the order form. Our Washington location has a high quality network just like our Dallas location and of course also uses the same type of high quality hardware.

We are offering to all current shared and reseller customers the option of switching their account to Washington DC if they would like. We would like to point out that there would be DNS related down time associated with making the switch. This move would mostly benefit sites that have primarily European traffic as our Washington DC location is on the east coast.

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