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    Question about host

    Good call - I completely forgot to mention that
  2. Cody R.

    Question about host

    You can remove the cgi-bin/ and .htaccess folder/file if you like. If you plan on running any CGI scripts then you'll need the cgi-bin/ folder .
  3. This is just a reminder that PHP4's will completely be discontinued to be supported by PHP on August 8th, as a result we'll be removing it from our machines August 9th. If you have any concerns whether your scripts will run please contact the vendor of the script, or if you can't get ahold of them you can contact us and we'll take a peak. PHP4 has numerous security issues and lack of functionality - this is the main reason for discontinuing it in favor of PHP5 - most of your scripts should work and the transition won't be noticeable. Please see this thread for our previous announcements regarding this. - Hawk Host Staff
  4. Cody R.

    Annoucements via RSS

    Well awhile ago I enabled vBulletins data output thing - though I never posted about it. Basically you can grab the last 5 posts or threads from the forum using the forum ID (5 for announcements etc). Use the following for the last 5 threads (THREADS, not posts) from the announcement forum: and use the following for the last 5 posts (so if there's an update it'll jump to the top of the list.. basically the most recently replied in thread): Hopefully that helps, let us know if that doesn't suit your needs.
  5. Cody R.

    can u set user links for webmail

    After poking around cPanel forums for awhile I don't believe this is possible - as Tony said regardless of what variables you pop into the GET request they still have to login with their username / password, which would effectively negate any of the variables you set. I'll look around a bit more to verify
  6. Thanks for the kind words - we try our best to relay any information we have to our customers, especially when there might be downtime. Luckily we didn't even have to utilize the backups from the morning because the RAID eventually was able to rebuild itself. Any who, thanks for sticking it out with us in the 1.4~ hours of downtime.. it was more than we would have liked but given the situation we're fairly satisfied with it (and the fact no data was lost is a big plus)! Enjoy your hosting, and hopefully we won't see any more hardware failures. Cheers!
  7. Cody R.

    Skyline Raid Array Problems [7/24/08]

    The last drive has finished rebuilding the array and the server is running at 100% again with full redundancy. Once again thanks for being patient during this whole process - I hope we've given you some faith when it comes to hardware failures . Cheers!
  8. Cody R.

    Skyline Raid Array Problems [7/24/08]

    A quick update; It appears 3/4 of the drives are online and fully functional and the last one is finishing up the rebuilding the array.
  9. No problem, thanks for being patient. Luckily the situation worked out okay .
  10. Cody R.

    Skyline Raid Array Problems [7/24/08]

    Well as of Tony's reply everything is online - we'll be keeping this thread open until everything is 100% operational (raid rebuilds). Thanks for everyones patience!
  11. Cody R.

    Skyline Raid Array Problems [7/24/08]

    For any discussion regarding this please use this thread: Thanks!
  12. We're trying to minimize the downtime as much as possible - we're not going to drag our feet on the matter. Things do appear to be looking up though Thanks for understanding, it's truly a inconvenience for everyone.
  13. Cody R.

    Skyline Raid Array Problems [7/24/08]

    Just to answer people about backups; we have a full machine backup as of Jul 24 00:48:12 CDT (this morning). We're letting the datacenter tech looking into to see if we can simply rebuild the array(s) or have to do a full restore. We'll keep the updates coming via this thread, sorry for any inconvenience!
  14. Cody R.


    Everything okay now? Just making sure everything got resolved for you .
  15. Cody R.


    Thanks for the kind words - we love it when our clients reach out and let us know they're satisfied . It looks like your transfer was pending and it's not moving along nicely.. looks like it'll be done shortly. Hope you continue to enjoy your time here with us !
  16. Cody R.

    Brill So Far!

    Glad to hear you've enjoyed your stay so far, and have utilized RVSiteBuilder (recently added ). Hope to see you around - granted the less tickets you need to submit the better. Cheers!
  17. Cody R.

    Six questions

    Thanks for the kind words - glad to hear you've been happy with us. Hope you continue to enjoy your service .
  18. Good to hear! We're excited about our steady growth as well - it's also nice knowing we've been able to maintain our service above everything and not get too far ahead of ourselves. Cheers !
  19. Cody R.

    how to reset to original cpanel's theme?

    Or live chat .
  20. Cody R.

    Hawk Host Testimonials

    If you didn't notice our testimonials on the front page (all three of them) are a bit slim / haven't been updated in some time. It was never mentioned but anyone who would like to be added to the testimonials on the front page (rotation) just submit a ticket with the following details: * Website URL * Full Name * Brief testimonial We'll reply to your e-mail and let you know when it's added to the main page for everyone to ogle over. Looking forward to seeing peoples testimonials!
  21. Cody R.

    Network Maintenance [04/13/2008]

    Servers Affected: Mars Mercury Venus Skyline Datacenter Engineers will be performing upgrade maintenance on the customer router some of your servers connect through on Sunday April 13th starting at 4:00am EST. During this time, engineers will be swapping out the existing supervisor engines (SUP720-3BXL) with new Cisco best of breed supervisor engines (VS-S720-10G-3CXL) on FCR01.DAL01. As this router provides direct connectivity to your server(s), public internet connectivity will be unavailable at various points during the above maintenance window. Private network connectivity will remain functional throughout the maintenance window. Although we expect this upgrade of the supervisor engines to only take approximately 15 minutes, we have scheduled a maintenance window from 4:00am to 6:00am EST. Summary: Date: 04/13/2008 Start Time: 4:00am (EST) End Time: 6:00am (EST) Duration: 2 Hours Estimated Downtime: 15 Minutes -HawkHost Staff
  22. Cody R.

    Pre-Sales Questions

    Well first off I'm glad you haven't found any bad reviews of us - but that's one thing we've noticed.. our customers don't post many reviews (and the ones that have have been positive.. thanks guys)! I'll handle your questions in order here: 1) As long as your other cPanel provider allows remote backups / transfers we can do this for you - once you signup just submit a ticket and we'll get this rolling for you. 2) We can't disclose the amount of staff that work for us but we have people around the clock answering tickets and such. Tony just steals everyones credit because he has nothing better to do ( 3) Our provider is SoftLayer and we're currently utilizing their Texas location - though we plan on expanding to some other locations eventually (blog post!). If you have any more questions please let us know - we'll be glad to answer them. And I'm pretty sure you'll be pleased with our service *cough*no 40 hour downtime*cough* . Cheers, Cody
  23. Cody R.

    hawk host reliablity

    I'm here too! Glad to see some of our customers posting, I wasn't sure if some of you were alive. To another good year folks !
  24. Cody R.

    Zend Framework

  25. Cody R.


    Appreciate the kind words.. as Tony said most people don't mention if they think we're doing a good job, so it's reassuring to see people compliment us. Once again thanks !