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  1. Cody R.

    Server Status

    We actually intend on changing the server status page shortly - it's going to be more generic and list any current issues (and previous ones being viewable). Once we do that we can try to tweak it to everyone's liking. I've added this to our internal issue so we can evaluate it once we launch the new page .
  2. Cody R.

    Small glitches in Ticket system

    This should now be better - the close button is gone and the sorting should now have the last updated tickets are on the top. Please let us know if you're seeing any issues!
  3. Cody R.

    Small glitches in Ticket system

    Could you clarify if you're viewing tickets through the client area ( or the support area ( Regarding closing of tickets by users - we disabled this due to some of our workflow choices. We should be able to remove the button however to make it less confusing.
  4. Cody R.

    Again please help with error 522! Please

    Did you submit a ticket? This may be something we can debug as I don't believe it to be a latency issue that moving servers would resolve.
  5. Cody R.

    cPanel 2-Step Verification

    We've been curious about this for awhile / numerous people have inquired to cPanel about it as Brian mentioned. I've tried to implement my own using Authy and their authentication API however I didn't have too much success. One big feature request that's pending which will make this much easier is once they start using PAM for some things. It's worth noting that it's easier said than done - a cPanel server has numerous services running: FTP, cPanel, WHM, SSH, Mail, etc. These won't all be covered by 2-factor easily. Even if they protected the cPanel / WHM logins you have to worry about the API. Hopefully they do something sooner than later though!
  6. Cody R.

    SpamExperts - how to manage?

    You're absolutely right - the automatic changing of the MX records upon logging in through cPanel has been something we've talked to SpamExperts about. They've acknowledged it but haven't changed it - I'll see if I can get a straight answer out of them if this is something we can change or not. Unfortunately this isn't possible through the current UI however SpamExperts does have an API. If you like I'd be more than happy to write up a quick script for you and give you a list (if necessary on a regular basis / cron job) of accounts that SpamExperts is enabled for. While this does seem like a big pain in the butt (it is in some circumstances) it's ultimately allowing us to keep a good reputation for our mailservers and has stopped a large amount of SPAM from entering and exiting our network. You may be interested in our blog post here.
  7. Great to hear! We're very happy with the transition on several levels - this allows us more flexibility in what we can offer in the future, we really enjoy the network which has been great for some of our international customers (and great as always for our local crowd) and brand new machines! Nothing like dusting the cobwebs off and freshning up things a bit. Please let us know if you run into any issues!
  8. Cody R.

    Moving to LAX?

    We're consolidating our West coast hardware into LAX due to us finding good peering for our customers and allowing us more flexibility (owning our hardware vs. renting). We'll be working with resellers to try to mitigate the migration and will likely keep those specific servers online longer than our standard shared ones. Ultimately it's a decision based off our growth in that particular region and issues we've had with some of our customers with our current provider (SoftLayer) - primarily peering.
  9. Cody R.

    SSL key length of 256 is too weak

    We should be using 2048 bit keys and by default using strong ciphers (IE: AES-256). If you want to PM me the key you're referring to I'll be more than glad to double check. Ideally we'd like to have forward secrecy but I don't believe cPanel supports that quite yet - I'll have to take a look. It may be worth noting most certificate authorities require a minimum key length of 1024 bits - including the one we resell through (Global Sign) and use internally:
  10. Cody R.

    Unlimited Bandwidth ?

    Hello, We're still rolling out the changes however if you like contact our support department and they'll move you over right away!
  11. Cody R.

    Zero Response from HawkHost to email hacking

    I think that's going to be the future (albeit 1-2 years down the road). You're noticing a lot of services popping up which offer this natively - Twitter, Google, Facebook, etc. Unfortunately the scope of making a custom solution for cPanel simply makes it not possible. cPanel is still grasping with bugs / issues from years ago. Although on a related note our WHMCS will be supporting 2-factor shortly so you can look forward to that ! Excellent advice and one we adhere to at Hawk Host for all employees. We require the use of a password manager / unique logins for *everything* and *everyone*. This reduces the chance a single compromise will lead to a larger issue. I do recommend LastPass or KeePass for local password management.
  12. Cody R.

    Common sense support

    I understand the confusion / frustration in regards to this however this is a strict company policy we have in the support department(s). If you contact *support* without a e-mail not tied to a account we'll likely ask you contact us from one that is tied to an account. Why? Well you have to realize we often get inquiries from resellers customers (we don't provide support for them, only the reseller) and or visitors of a website will contact us asking information about a website or server which we will not divulge unless you own an account with us (do you want a visitor on your website knowing MySQL crashed due to a flaw on the server?). This is merely a policy to help preserve privacy / security for everyone. We rather be stringent in this regard than to accidentally divulge too much to the wrong people (this includes server information that's not readily available publicly (we'll state we're updating kernels on our status page due to a bug or security concern. We will not divulge it to a random person inquiring)). How can we fix this? I'm not sure - If you're noticing issues with your account / server I think it's reasonable to contact us with an authorized e-mail. Can you elaborate as to why you'd submit an inquiry to us that's not tied to your account (keep in mind you can add numerous e-mails: )? I see why you think this - we have very strict policies in regards to replying / supporting people who are not authorized to receive that support. This is not our support staff's fault but a policy our upper management (including myself). We rather tread on the side of caution. If you have any suggestions that can make this scenario better please let us know - just understand it's not done blindly / trying to deflect inquiries.
  13. Hi CharlesM, It's generally ill-advised to delete things out of a database directly as sometimes they will have direct relations to other tables. The best way to do it is through the software itself as it will clean up any "loose ends". A quick Google search suggests it may be safe to delete users directly but again I would advise again it. To do something like that you'd go into PHPMyAdmin in your control panel and select the database you installed MediaWiki on. From there you'll get a list of tables - one of them is likely to be named something along the lines of `users` or `user`. Select that and you'll have the option to manipulate the rows - including deleting them. Again I highly advise to not do it via this method.
  14. Cody R.

    Reseller locations

    Alright - we'll definitely be evaluating this in a month or two (Amsterdam in specific). Thanks for the feedback!
  15. Cody R.

    Reseller locations

    Not at this time - what location(s) would you be interested in? We're evaluating offering something in Europe or Asia currently.
  16. Cody R.

    Trouble running selfoss

    Just to clarify this was due to PHP being compiled against a older PCRE library (6.x vs. 8.x). The newest version fixed it .
  17. Cody R.

    Windows Hosting

    Bingo - the addiitonal licensing / providing support for it is not something to take lightly. We'll be offering it for VPS relatively soon however .
  18. Cody R.

    Python version

    Hello, The server you're on is RHEL5 which has Python 2.4.x as its primary version (security fixes being backported). If you require newer versions please submit a ticket (please reference this forum thread when doing so), ask for the ticket to be assigned to me (Cody) and we'll be more than happy to install it on the side.
  19. Submit a ticket however it simply means cURL can't connect to the host - this either means the port you're using (should be 80 or 443 which are open) are blocked or the host is down / the server is seeing it as down.
  20. Cody R.

    Dallas SQL server down for ~3 days

    There have been no extended outages on any server. How are you connecting to MySQL? We have recently rolled new firewall rules preventing remote connections to MySQL without an explicit whitelist - you'll need to contact our support deprtment to get your IP(s) added.
  21. You can use either they achieve the same thing. One thing to note is make sure you pipe the stuff to /dev/null otherwise every time your cron runs it'll download the file to your /home directory. wget -O /dev/null
  22. Hello, Could you PM me your ticket ID so I can see what happened with this issue? I suspect that cluster was having syncing issues which is why you saw that error.
  23. Cody R.

    advice from myself

    Hello! Could you clarify where you're talking about exactly? You should be able to modify accounts under a shared account / reseller account via the control panel.
  24. Cody R.

    Why hawkhost Chinese customer service

    Hello! As Fowler touched upon it's simply because we're a Canadian based company who has employees that speak primarily English. Offering full Chinese support is simply not feasible at our current size - it would require that our website to be fully translated and for us to have numerous staff members who can offer support in the proper time zone / can speak Chinese. This is something we've definitely put thought into and intend on offering in the future however there is no time frame as to when this would happen.
  25. Cody R.

    mod_php or mod_fcgid

    As Tony mentioned we run Litespeed. mod_spdy is an Apache-only module (all mod_* are). Even if we did run Apache we'd probably not run mod_spdy as it's going to add some strange complexity in a shared environment. Without testing it the behaviour can be wild. Generally things like mod_spdy would be ran in a custom environment (IE: VPS, server for serving a few specific sites, not thousands).