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  1. Ah... well yes i really don't get about that part, it's a hosting company issues and i'm not going in that sector yet. But i've subscribe on one of the C-Class, it's occasionally down 2-3 hours a day. But there's another C-Class host by HostGator, the world known host, how could they resolve the issues which you are saying then ? I think they've come up with some plan or something... Or maybe ARIN is married to C-Class Hosting ! Which means corruption... Anyway look at my signature, what else i didn't do for Hawk here huh ?!
  2. I'm wondering, how did seoh* got this 5 C Class IPs 5 GB 50 GB $19.95 ( Per Month ) It's a dedicated IP. How you guys can't ? Cmon, competition ? bigger league is coming
  3. Well i guess... no further investigation xD. Nevermind not a biggie, can just pop a small succeed window page. It's just i think that the tech on Hawkhost resolve a ticket on their own, not a further depth research. No hardies.
  4. BioS

    Premium themes for Wordpress

    Just search on Google and hope that something pops up what you've wanted... I can actually give you that as i've already have it on my mediafire, but the problem is, you don't have a face, and are you a Hawkhost member ?
  5. There's a couple of tickets i've mentioned that problem, and some of the staff has tried it, yet they say it's my site settings or something that is the problem. There's no details to that, it's just a simple matter, try visiting It will says 404 Not Found, but in fact in my Wordpress, i've published that page and privately for forwarding after people posted a form on previous page. On a later time, you can try to check again, it will be shows up sometimes.
  6. What's on my mind... recruiting people who wants to learn SEO, as my Company is getting expanding and the people who demand my services is shitload...this is serious.

    1. BioS


      Whoever interested or want to learn and become one of my team, i will give you proper learning and the job from my site, which is around $200-$1.500 USD, depends on what order and what terms.

    2. BioS


      Oh shit, forgot to mention, mail to my Yahoo Mail

  7. Load time is fast, no down time, etc, support tickets are replied every times. Bad news is, there's some problem with the root on which my site is hosted on. And i'm sure of it. Been posting a ticket to it... and they say it's my site... deep in my heart... i've been controlling root access before. And i know it isn't my site problems. Actually just a simple trouble, submission form posted will be directed to a private thank you page. Sometimes it's directed, sometimes it is not, and i've been checking on that every day. So how could the support says it is my site problem if i didn't make any changes, but the problem does occur sometimes and sometimes doesn't ? Just a review, it's not a complain or anything, so no offense. Just wanted to let the HawkHost team know that there's really something wrong with my server root.
  8. BioS

    Premium themes for Wordpress

    Whaaat ? i've seen a couple of downloaded on my mediafire, but no reply here. Is it the themes that is bad ? Or most of people here is just a leecher that has no sense of appreciation ?
  9. True... but it's just a solution to back in the market, isn't it all about competition xD ( Or you can request a valid Justification for C-Class IP with different rules from HawkHost TOS that suites your upstream ) Like DMCA Policy etc.
  10. Don't ask me where i got it from >_> Blue Tree No Header Business Green Clean Blue Business Orange Girl 3 Column Clean Modern Simple CMS Wordpress Light Grey Business Orange Black 3C Business City Stripes Business Halloween Enjoy.
  11. It's popular nowadays so... consider getting a dedicated C-Class IP ... Lotsa people are hunting and lusting for it atm.
  12. Agreed with Kavoir, even that it is true Hawkhost doesn't have a Livechat Customer Representative, but they did reply to every tickets i've made in just a matter of minutes. And the price from August Promo is the reason why i'm coming, Goddamn owned, with R1soft and etc, not even sure where else you can get a host like this.
  13. BioS

    Jasa SEO Company

    Hi there, as i could see this forum has been quite creepy for a while... So let's bring up the light of hope once again ! I'm promoting my site anyway >_> Check it here Jasa SEO Company I'm in a business of an SEO services, feel free to ask anything, guide, help, explanation, whatever, except proposing me a gay marriage. Well... last but not least... hope i can get along here and accepted as a member. Cheers ! ( Coke on my right hand, i mean Coca Cola, not Coke )