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  1. Tony

    Cancellation not processed

    Hello, Once you have a cancellation on file you would not be billed again. Your actual cancellation was also processed already
  2. Tony

    Hawk Host Abuse

    All abuse issues are handled through our abuse team and spamming every forum or any other contact of ours is not going to get anything done quicker. I removed mentions of the site in question and your contact info. It's also worth noting the site you were complaining about is no longer even hosted by us.
  3. Tony

    Serious Heart Bleed flaw in OpenSSL

    You need to keep in mind since we use CloudLinux it's going to end up with backport fixes to numerous software. For example OpenSSL: it's still going to be 1.0.1e. Then of course Litespeed would be 4.2.9 which we have:
  4. Tony


    Based on your screen shot it looks like you had let your domain expire. Then subsequently renewed it but due to DNS propagation it does not instantly turn back on as ISP's cache DNS records. Also worth noting your site loads fine from where I've tested it from.
  5. Tony

    Cannot install Joomla 3.x

    In cPanel go to select php version and make sure PHP 5.3 is selected. If it still does not work then I would recommend opening a ticket with our support team so that they can investigate.
  6. Tony

    So how big do you let those inboxes get?

    I'm connecting via IMAP and using thunderbird and lots of filters to organize the mail. It becomes less hectic with a lot of filters and folders. What I'm doing won't work on Outlook with IMAP. I'm not sure about exchange though it might work a bit better.
  7. Tony

    Is Cougar down?

    It would have potentially caused problems for dal006 or any server within Dallas it was dependent on the IP an account was on. It was resolved around roughly 11am central time.
  8. Tony

    Is Cougar down?

    Hello, The Cougar server is actually up ( still loads for example) but unfortunately most sites are actually down due to a routing issue affecting one of our IP blocks in Dallas. We are working as quickly as possible to resolve the routing issue.
  9. Tony

    VPS V/S Semi-Dedicated

    Semi dedicated allows you to take advantage of us running a server. It also gets to take advantage of all our additional server resources. The one gotcha though is it's still a shared medium. With a VPS you can install anything you want and run it however you like. You're not shared the web server or MySQL server with any other user. They are not but our team can help you out. With cPanel/WHM installed most users don't run into many issues. Even if it was managed one thing people forget is most issues are due to their software. Even if you were paying $1000/month to have someone manage a server for you they're not going to be able to fix that badly coded web site. This varies server to server we base everything off server load rather than trying to meet some minimum user level. Some servers have more users others have less. Both services have virtually no downtime. I really don't have an exact figure here but I'd guess and say it's 99.99% if you averaged everything out across all the servers. Semi dedicated probably unless you had specific optimization needs that you'd benefit from a VPS. You're probably best to look at Dallas in this case. It's centrally located in the USA and isn't too far east or west so the latency from either Asia or Egypt will be pretty comparable. As it stands this feature has been removed. The reason being with our relay servers there are very few RBL issues and the reputation of our mailing IP's is very good. In fact it be tough for a customer on their own IP mailing from it to probably match the kind of reputation our IP's are building. I'm not going to paste our IP's here but anyone who has sent email then looked up the relay IP they sent from on say from cisco they would see good which means: Good = Little or no threat activity has been observed from your IP address or domain. Your email or Web traffic is not likely to be filtered or blocked*. Previously we had only a few servers in good and just one compromised site and that be back to neutral.
  10. Tony

    Do you guys even care?

    It's also a good idea to whitelist all emails. No matter how hard we try there are certain emails with certain contents or subjects that always end up in junk mail folders.
  11. Tony

    Do you guys even care?

    Your email provider confirmed the email was received so if I was to guess they put it into the junkmail folder. As for logging into our support area use the same login you use at
  12. Tony

    Do you guys even care?

    Hello, You opened a ticket with us 28 February 2014 11:25 PM and our team responded 28 February 2014 11:37 PM. You were advised the domain is expired which continues to be the case. We did not provide the domain registration so we're unable to provide any further assistance to resolve the issue. I would advise getting in contact with your domain registrar about the domain being expired.
  13. Tony

    Status Pending for 2 days

    I would advise contacting our sales team. It's possible the account information email went to the junk email or potentially somewhere else.
  14. For wordpress sites always worth benchmarking it . That can tell you what plugins are taking up all the CPU time. Just keep in mind with that always disable your caching plugins as they have a lot of overhead only for the first page load. Then the second item is with caching make sure it's working. A lot of plugins break caching so every page load it's actually reloading the caches. Your site in your signature though is doing quite well 75% faster than other sites tested:!/DyMWG/
  15. I would contact our billing team so they can investigate.
  16. Hello, Hits would be complete downloads of a file. The 206 hits would be partially downloaded files.
  17. Tony

    Affiliate Commission Withdrawl

    At this time our affiliate commissions are paid out via Paypal. We do not do check or direct deposit at this time.
  18. Tony

    I/O Usage

    Not exactly correct we use CloudLinux which as kernel level technology that makes so when you're at a 100% of a CPU you cannot go above it. It works very similar to that of OpenVZ which are what our VPS's run on. You could burst to 100% all day and you could never strain the system. The same can be said about memory usage and I/O as we won't let you go above it. Instead all your applications could potentially get slower if there is contention for the resources. To answer the question then the odd burst of CPU or I/O is not bad. It's only bad when your sites are becoming slow because of it.
  19. Tony

    cPanel API access

    You would need to use API 1 or API 2 you cannot use the xml-rpc API which is meant for resellers and root users.
  20. Tony

    Connection troubles with AMS001?

    The server is up serving it's normal amount of traffic. I'd suggest opening a ticket with our support team could be a routing issue between your ISP and our Amsterdam location.
  21. Hello, You'll need to open a ticket with our billing department to approve the referrals then they will turn your affiliate commissions balance into account credit.
  22. Tony

    Suspended host

    I really don't know what else to say to topics like this. If you're going to do something this silly going all over the internet threatening us is not going to change our stance. If you don't pay us or charge back the payments we're not going to suddenly provide you with service. I thought this was obvious but obviously not. We have to of course reply to every post defending ourselves when reality we should not.
  23. Tony

    False antivirus alert

    Hello, I'll see if I can track down the ticket I'm not sure why it was sent to abuse as this issue would never get resolved there. It's worth noting though if ClamAV virus signatures are picking up on this archive it's highly likely we're not the only ones who would be blocking this archive. A good chunk of virus scanners would be blocking this file.
  24. Tony

    So how big do you let those inboxes get?

    If I was to guess I'd say I have over a million emails in my inbox. We however use our own dedicated mail servers and I use IMAP never webmail I'd be wasting my time with that. The problem with webmail programs is they're built in PHP, Perl, Java etc. and just are not going to be fast considering all they do as act as fronts as a regular email client. They are not reading the mail directly they're having to query the imap server just like your email client on your computer would. Also for spam SpamExperts in our cPanel is really effective at clearing out spam as well to keep those inboxes clean
  25. Tony

    Suspended host

    Hello, You issued charge backs against the payments made to us. Thus you did not pay us and committed fraud on top of that. If you did not wish to have your service with us ended you should not have issued charge backs or used stolen credit cards whichever it was.