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  2. Thank you Tony, I'll give it a shot!
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  4. For the name field you put your domain instead of @ and it'll create the correct MX records. You will also want to remove the existing MX record created by cPanel which points the MX record to our servers.
  5. Hi HawkHost, I'm attempting to set up g-suite to manage my emails and the instructions say to put an "@" or "leave blank" the Name/Host/Alias box. (It's called "Name" in Hawkhost cpanel) The problem is, the box requires another entry and gives the error "You must specify a valid zone name" when an "@" is entered, and "This field is required" if left blank. Is there a specific symbol that HawkHost requires to satisfy this field for g-suite setup? Thanks in advance for your advice.
  6. Your site is loading for us from multiple systems/locations, usually when you see that page it's due to a local DNS cache issue. If you refresh your local DNS cache or try visiting from a private browser the site should load. With that said if the issue persists for more than 2 hours please submit a ticket to our helpdesk for further investigation.
  7. I got this issue when I installing wordpress. After installation, I got the notice that the installation is successful, but I can't access to the wordpress page. I got the sceen as follow: Please help me. Tks
  8. Good afternoon! If you haven't already can you please submit a ticket through so our helpdesk team can take a look? If you have submitted a ticket please let us know your ticket ID so we can be sure to follow up. Thank you!
  9. Please give me a help. I can't create new addon domain. After writing Domain Name, Sub Domain and Document Root, I tried to click at create button. I'd waiting but it still not create new addon domain for me. I'd checked my folder structure and don't find any folder name greengif like below. Then I create new folder name greengif and continuing to try. But it's still happen. Tks.
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  11. From what I understand, for shared hosting, each cpanel license (or sub-license) will be charged around $0.10 - $0.20/month going forward, assuming servers which typically host several hundred domains, are over any pre-packaged limits. Since that is $1.20 - $2.40 per year, it does not represent a huge increase for each one. It's up to HawkHost, given the ultra-competitive nature of the hosting business, if they want to bear that cost, pass it along to all customers, or only charge it on new accounts. In aggregate, it will matter more to Hosts than to customers who would see a charge of $25-50 per year go up by a dollar or two. Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated hosting accounts are another matter altogether, since that dollar or two can have a significant multiplier on it.
  12. There is now a second thread with more information on this topic on the Hawkhost forums. See the "Suggestions" section. LINK Also a blog post. LINK
  13. For VPS / cloud server clients we are in the process of researching other control panels, both paid and free options. Admittedly cPanel is the market leader in terms of usability/features/reliability but at a point it's hard to justify the costs if you only need basic functionality which some of the other panels out there can provide.
  14. Yeah I caught that email, though not the part about individual plan prices, thanks for pointing that out. I may still migrate my individual plan off anyways, just because. Or I dunno if there's thinking about a "Cpanel Free" individual offering that's cheaper at Hawkhost that I might sign up for. For the next month or 2 I'll see how this plays out then you may see me making some moves away from Cpanel.
  15. We posted this yesterday which you may find worth the read: Long and short of it is right now we have no plans on raising pricing on shared/semi-dedicated hosting plans. Reseller packages unfortunately are likely to see price changes based on the new cPanel license structure and them billing per cPanel account but when that is finalized we'll post another update. Then lastly VPS / cloud server customers will be seeing an increase in the price of their cPanel licenses simply as a pass-through cost from cPanel. This is all still very new to us as well so we're not rushing into any decisions.
  16. Well me, I'm seeing the value of Cpanel less and less upon doing this. I'm debating a few actions at Hawkhost as this increase comes into effect: 1) For my personal account where I host with Hawkhost, I'm honestly debating going VPS and ditching Cpanel. Presumably the increase in prices as Cpanel may trickle down to me on a Shared plan. Download a free hosting panel for my site and that's it. May cost me more, but look at what I get for it comparatively. 2) For the one organization with a VPS whom I manage I'll be bringing this price increase with them and see what they think about a outward migration from Cpanel. Either way Hawkhost has been awesome with me so I'll stick with you guys, Cpanel or otherwise :-) thanks!
  17. All abuse issues need to be handled through our helpdesk, you can submit a ticket with details of your report through our site at: Phishing is a common tactic and once we're notified of the activity and our team verifies the complaints we'll act accordingly.
  18. I never got a reply from your company so I will post here. Why are chinese hackers trying to obtain UK Citizens personal details using your services????
  19. We have no railguns at this time in Hong Kong and have no estimate on when it would be available. Unfortunately this location has obstacles that make it more difficult.
  20. What about is Hongkong datacenter now?
  21. We just received this news today as well so we're still in the early stages of figuring out how exactly these changes impact us. I don't want to speculate on what changes, if any, this may have to our hosting prices. cPanel does not own either of those companies. That said they do have partnerships / integrations to make it easier to manage licenses under one roof through cPanel.
  22. I read today on that cPanel is making a big change to their pricing. Never having looked into this before, I don't know what it was before. My question is this: what effect will this have on Hawkhost pricing? It seems to me that at $2-3 per month for shared hosting, a hike in the cost of a cPanel license might eat into already tight margins. I understand this is quite new and may take a while to sort out, and, it would seem, the primary impact would be on Reseller accounts, but once you do figure it out, it would nice to know its down-the-line knock-on effects. Also, I see that on the ("page" is not part of the link) they mention Cloud Linux and Litespeed. Does cPanel own those, too?
  23. This is not software I'm familiar with offhand so unfortunately I don't have any personal suggestions on installation / debugging. If you open a ticket through your client area at with the error(s) you're seeing our team can attempt to assist.
  24. Anyone Install Nodebb forum by Node js application? I tried but failed. If someone ever did, please give me specific instructions. Thank you so much!.
  25. Hello! It appears this website is currently suspended which is why it's inaccessible. We do not want to publicly disclose the suspension reason so if you could please contact our billing department through we can help you out
  26. You can build page with multiple sections using page builders or with DIV element using CSS. And you can add your banner ad codes on your created sections. Alternatively, you can use wordpress to make your task easy. Because on wordpress you can find many useful plugins to build pages using various kind of elements.
  27. Hello, Hawk Host, I have the name of the site I have problems not being able to see the appearance of our website. are there any instructions that I can get from you
  28. Unfortunately these logs are not readable by shared users as like you mentioned it does require root access. If you're concerned about logins / unusual activity to your email address(es) our team can provide you the last login entries we have for the address(es) in question via support ticket.
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