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How is Cloud Hosting different from a VPS?

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A new blog post announces Cloud Hosting, which I presume is different from the other services.
That you can specify an operating system choice suggests it is very much like, if not the same as, a VPS.

How is it different from ... well I guess all the other services while we're at it?

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Our Cloud and VPS offerings are similar in the fact you have your own operating system with root but the underlying technologies are very different and the cloud offering has significantly more capabilities.  Our VPS offering utilizes OpenVZ with local storage while our cloud offering utilizes KVM with software defined storage.   The simple answer is the cloud servers offer a more affordable, reliable and expandable option for users looking for their own servers.  The longer explanation:

OpenVZ vs KVM

OpenVZ while lighter weight has a limitation on the number of operating systems you can run and also you are unable to run your own kernel on your server.  That means for example running CloudLinux on our VPS plan is not possible.

Local Storage vs Software Defined Storage

Local storage is limited by the total space on the node and we are also balancing that among all the users on the node.  With the software defined storage we can grow a single instance to 10TB+ in size if a user ever had a need.  The local storage is powered by raid-10 array on the node while the software defined storage has user data stored across many drives and servers.  This means on our cloud it can handle not only drive failures but multiple storage server failures and will continue to operate without issue.

Putting it Together

When you combine everything together this results in our VPS offering while being extremely reliable is not a high availability system.  That means if a node goes down VPS's on it will go down.  With our cloud offering if the node has a hardware issue then this is a recoverable situation in under 5 minutes.  Our systems will detect the failure and move the user virtual machines to other nodes and everything will come back online.  The cloud server offering  it is possible to grow a single virtual machine to utilize an entire node (200GB+ of memory, 20+ cores).  For the cloud we can better utilize the underlying hardware and grow the infrastructure based on user demands with no impact on current virtual machines.  As a result of this we're able to offer cheaper cloud servers compared to our virtual private server offering.


We're not just making a bunch of marketing speak about our cloud server offering while not using it ourselves.  Our entire NYC shared/reseller/semi dedicated offering is powered by the same software and infrastructure that our cloud server offering operates under.  We believe in what was implemented in NYC and we fully intend on bringing it to all our locations eventually.

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